Record holders of collecting Weird & craziest things

Many people have habit of collecting different things from childhood days, few of people have a habit of collecting strange & weird/crazy things, lets checkout few of the people with they strange things they have been collecting till now.

Probably Deb Hoffmann, is the biggest fan of winnie the pooh. She has a collection of 10,002 items related to Winnie the Pooh, she holds certificate from Guinness World Records for this feat.

Deb Hoffmann - winnie the pooh collector

Grigori Feicher from Russia has more than 1,320 different toothbrushes! strange isn’t it, how many brushes he has used out of that number.

Grigori Feicher - toothbrushes collector

Jean-François Vernetti from Switzerland has a collection of 11,111 “Do Not Disturb” signs from hotels all over the world he has visited.

Jean-François Vernetti - Do Not Disturb sign collector

Akiko Obata from Japan collects anything that even remotely relates to food. She has over 8,083 food-related items.

Akiko Obata - food item collector

Martina Schellenberg from Germany has the world’s biggest napkin collection amounting to some 125,886 napkins.

Martina Schellenberg - napkin collector

Petra Engels from Germany has a collection of more than 20,000 erasers from more than 112 countries.

Petra Engels - eraser collector

Manfred Rothstein from North Carolina has a habit of collecting back scratchers. He has 675 of them over the years.

Manfred Rothstein - back scratchers collector

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